At Lamonnt, our business for years has been luxury wristwatches and jewelry repair and restoration. Luxury watches and jewelry restoration is a simple way to significantly increase the market value of watches and pieces of jewelry and raise their worth or market value, especially vintage pieces. 

We offer the repair and refurbishing of luxury watches and pieces of jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Services and repairs are performed by specialized technicians, jewelers, and polishers capable of working both on contemporary and historical models.

Grounded in the belief that whatever is worth doing should be done exceptionally well, Lamonnt takes a forward-thinking, socially responsible, and inclusive worldview, creating quality service delivery that matches the great tradition of master watchmakers from yesteryears. 

>>> The Servicing Process

Upon receiving your watch or jewelry, a member of our highly trained and skilled staff notes any requests you may have. The watch or jewelry is then scheduled for repair at the workshop.

>>> Assessment of the watch

Your watch or jewelry is carefully examined by a technician, who draws up an estimate of the work to be done. Once the estimate is approved, the servicing begins.

>>> Returning the watch

At the end of the service procedure, your watch is returned to you in the Lamonnt protective pouch.

We are committed to offering you first-class after-service services. Thanks to the time-tested standards and expertise of our technicians, your timepiece and jewelry can continue to perform their functions over time with outstanding reliability and exceptional beauty.