Our Future

In 2022 Daisann McLane of the New York Times said, “The sustainability movement has been bringing new ideas — and a new kind of entrepreneur — to the mass-market segment of the watch industry. These start-ups are focused on bringing ethical practices to every aspect of watch production, from design to materials and packaging to logistics. And they have been zeroing in on consumers, mainly millennials and Gen Zers, who are turned off by the fast fashion model and the wasteful consumption habits it fosters.”

At Lamonnt, we believe win-wins are the way to go. We believe profitability is not mutually exclusive from production practices where our esteemed customers, the environment, and our stakeholders are all-ways winning. As we venture into watch and jewelry production in the near future we will be producing timeless masterpieces that are friendly to the environment, our customers’ budget, and our production team.

Our enduring passion is to design, develop and deploy the finest timepieces and jewelry in the world. Today, more than ever, quality, durability, and fine craftmanship remain the watchwords for all we do at Lamonnt. This applies to the design, movements, the internal/external elements, the performance of each function, and the worth of the timepieces and jewelry we will be manufacturing. 

Lamonnt … avant-garde wristwatches and jewellery.